Alan Kenny - Ireland

My Father introduced my brothers and I to the waters edge, at a tender age five. ‘Fishing’ became my obsession, itis now was my passion. My heart is HOOKED.

I grew up a stones throw away from my local river in north Kilkenny, Ireland, I have not moved! And I still fish these rivers with my Dad and my brothers. It was six years before I held my first ‘Fly Rod’ - This was for me the ‘True’ method of fishing. I was now, a student of nature.  Surrounded by hatches… I looked and fell in love with the wonders of form and environment. The Hatches.
‘I started tying flies’ afterstudyingthe behaviour of various seasons, the appetite of fish. ‘Life’ on the river’s‘life’ on the lakes. The birth of nature.
As any ‘Fly Tyer’ would do with the creations on the vice… I matched the hatch as close as possible as I studied the real deal in the palm of my hand. There is a very special feeling when you ‘Strike’ a fish with a fly you have created! When someone reports back that they have success on a fly that you formed… that’s powerful. A smile beckons.

I am forever experimenting with new materials, creating patterns, improvising my tying for rivers and lakes.  The results from others have been amazing… and I cherish every report! I do put in the hourson my Vice!

I am currently an Administrator of an exciting Facebook group called ‘Fishbook’ (Ireland) where I post my finished work, demonstration videos and offer advice to thousands of ‘Like- Minded’  members.  My partner in this site is Sid Rainey.
We hope to grow the site over the next few years.
But for now…

I hope this short BIO serves as an introduction to what I love.
Fly-fishing, fly-tying and the beauty of an amazing way of life.
Alan will be tying at IDFFA (Irish Disabled Fly Fishing Association) stand. Call and have a chat.

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